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Rise n' Shine Car Wash

At Rise ‘N Shine Car Wash, we maximize the potential of existing rollover car washes
We convert in-bay automatics to an express tunnel conveyor and utilize our developed best practices to manage the operations and maintenance

Our Services:

Key Benefits:

Illustrative Terms & Income

Cumulative $650k+ Profit in First 3 Years

Base Rent
Base Rent Set at Last 12 Month Car Wash Profit
Additional Rent
$1 per car washed above 2,500 cars washed per month
Rent Escalation
2.5%; adjusted annually
Fuel Rebates
If feasible, Tenant will pay to the location's gas operator fuel rebates. Use of fuel rebates are subject to discussion based on fuel pricing strategy of location.
Initial Term
Ten (10) Years
Renewal Options
Two (2), Five (5) years extensions (at sole option of the tenant)

How It Works

Key Attributes

Cross promotional customer incentives

Multi-channel offsite advertising strategy capturing new customers to the location
White label branding creating a differentiated experience for customers
Monthly subscription model driving customer loyalty

Professionally staffed operations

Multiple “free” self-service vacuums adding additional amenity for customers
“Shiny” standard with daily, weekly and monthly cleanliness and maintenance checklists

Typical CarWash Location

Rise ‘N Shine Car Wash Location

In-Bay vs. Express Conveyor Car Wash

The express conveyor model can increase total revenue and customer loyalty due to its increased throughput, improved wash quality and greater ability to sell subscriptions. However, these advantages come at a cost of significant capital investment, labor management and maintenance upkeep.
In-Bay Automatic Express Conveyor
Refurbishment Costs
High (est. $1.5 million)
Building/Tunnel Length
30ft +
50ft +
10 – 15 cars/hour
60 cars/hour +
Wash Quality
Revenue Potential
Subscription Value
Labor Requirement
Maintenance & Upkeep

Location & Operator Criteria

We aim to partner with only high-quality locations and operators. Therefor we have a strict location and operator assessment process to validate your locations are the right fit for our model.
Location Criteria
Operator Criteria
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